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Terms of recruitment


  1. Air Ticket- Client
  2. Processing And Documentation Cost- Career Launchers
  3. Service/Placement Fee- Negotiable
  4. Salary Rates- Negotiable

Prime Guarantee

We can replace the employee at no additional cost to the employer. If employee found not qualified to such class of work attached to his contractual position during the ninety days of probation period.

Recruitment, Processing / Deployment Lead time

Thirty to forty five working days on receipt of required documents duly authenticated by concerned authority.

Period of Employment

Contract period should be not less then 12 months and not more then 24 months can renew concern parties mutual understanding.

Working Hours and Overtime

  • Basic daily working hours- 8 hours per day / 48 hour per week
  • Basic working hours per month 208 hours / overtime rats per hour – 1.5 time
  • Working hours 8 hours per day / 48 hours per week / 208 hour per month more then above specified to be considers as overtime @ 1:1.5 ratio.


The employer will have to provide the employee suitable and bachelor’s Accommodation. Provision for food expanse if not included in the quoted salary.


The employer should provide to the employee free transportation to work site and vise versa.

Emergency Medical Services

The Employer shall provide the employee with free medical services including medicines for work related illness & injuries.

Rest Day and Legal Holidays

The Employers will designate one day a week as rest for every employee.The employer shall pay the Employee all official holidays in accordance with labour laws.

Annual Vacation Leave With Pay

Fifteen (15) Days vacation leave with pay for each Completion of consecutive twelve (12) months of service. The EMPLOYER has the right to choose the date of such vacation according to work requirement of the company.

Sick Leave of Absence

Fifteen (15) to thirty (30) days annual sick leave of absence with pay for work related injuries or illness upon recommendation by the company doctor.

Workmen’s Compensation

Thirty to forty five working days on receipt of required documents duly authenticated by concerned authority