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Skilled Training

We conduct different customized trainings and Certification Programmes basis the trade.

Our motto is to further enhance the candidates trade skills and bring them up to the International levels. With highly professional and technically sound panelists who have expertise in their respective trades and have worked abroad for more than 20 years, have devised our training programs. Thereby ensuring top of the class curriculum.
The Candidates are evaluated and bifurcated into different trades and are then aligned to panelists of that respective trade.
These trainings are conducted for various industries such as Construction, Facility Management, MEP, Hospitality & Restaurants, Oil and Gas, Retail, Banking, Solar Energy, Automobiles, Aviation, Shipping, Logistic & Supply Chain, Education and Healthcare to name a few.

The Training program comprises of Basic Skills required for the Trade for example training for a Shuttering Carpenter, Mason, Fitter for the Construction Industry would start with identifying the different tools and its generic names in international markets and Learn in expertising the usage of tools as per skill shortlisted for.

Similarly training for a Waiter would start with basic etiquettes, learning to identify crocery and terminologies along with Steps of Service. The training gradually moves to technicalities, covering safety norms in our Training and Certification Programmes. In our top of the class trade test centers the candidates are put through extensive practical training for their respective trades eventually leading to practical examination and certification on clearance as per International Standards.
Post the practical training the candidates are coached on the basic background of the country of their deployment, Country Culture, Religion, Climatic work environment and detailed Do’s and Don’t in the country of deployment. They are also informed of different scenarios which could get them entangled in legalities and possible deportation.
On the positive aspect the candidates are trained on how to do multitasking and avenues on making a long term career with the organization and on their individual career growth. Here the candidates are groomed on improving their productivity, working in teams, conflict management, etc which would eventually lead to benefit both the candidate as well as the organization.
The above training and the curricullum covered has benefitted our clients, leading to No attrition and a well trained work force.
The entire curriculum is completed in 15 to 45 days depending on the trade.
Post the training the candidate has not only sharpened his axes on the trade but is fully aware of the work culture, work ethics and has acquired detailed knowledge on his career progression within the organization and in the country of deployment.
Career Launchers has trained and certified over 48000+ candidates in the past 2 decades and are proud to inform that all the candidates certified are currently at very good designations in their respective careers.